The Perinatal Society of New Zealand is for any Health Professional of Scientist aiming for the best care of the fetus / newborn

Dear Colleague

I am pleased to extend my invitation to you to join the Perinatal Society of New Zealand. The Society is a progressive multidisciplinary group dedicated to the advancement and practice of all aspects of Perinatology in New Zealand. The Society is for any individual who is working within the field of perinatal care. The aims of the Society are:

1.      To foster continued improvements in standards of perinatal care.

2.      To encourage training and research in perinatology.

3.      To promote collaboration and free discussion among those interested in perinatology.

4.      To encourage better understanding by the New Zealand public of the activities and objectives of perinatology.

5.      To maintain liaison with other organisations, professions and international bodies involved in perinatology.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this progressive Society please complete the registration from.

Yours sincerely

Associate Professor Roland Broadbent